Research by V12 Data, 59% of car buyers choose a dealership based on reputation. Thank You videos emailed to customers with embedded links generate 4 x plus the industry average

“A normative expectation for car buying is no longer the dealership – the normative expectation for car buying is the internet” With buyers searching wider than ever with a few clicks, reputation is everything.

Customer reviews are among the first things people see when they search your business name/category on Google. Moreover, it’s been shown that positive reviews provide a greater boost to conversion rates than any other local SEO effort.

For car dealerships, online reviews bring the benefit of Social Proof to the table. Reviews help increase (or decrease) the degree of trust felt for an unfamiliar business based on feedback from other people with similar needs. 

The easier you make for a customer to post a review the more reviews you will get. 80% of car buyers want to read reviews on at least 2 review websites. Which review websites are the most important? Check out this article 



Car Reviews by Australia's leading review websites

Think with Google research shows car buyers spend more time on review websites and frequent them more often than they spend on manufacturers and dealership websites combined. So it makes total sense to engage your potential buyers with lots of positive reviews and comparisons to help with the Convince and Convert process. Visitors also spend more time on your website helping SEO.