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Overall engagement on a VDP featuring a live walkaround video jumps an average of 600 percent versus engagement on a static VDP. This translates into an approximate 30 to 35 percent increase in leads, according to feedback from our dealer customers. Source: www.digitaldealer.com

If your dealership hasn’t climbed aboard the video marketing train, what are you waiting for? The common objections—it costs too much, it’s too much work, the dealership is too small, etc.—no longer hold up when you consider the reality of what it takes to implement and maintain a video marketing strategy and the bottom-line gains you’ll make by having one. 

There’s no shortage of statistics pointing to the effectiveness of video marketing, but one in particular from Insivia is telling, and cannot be ignored by car dealerships: 90% of consumers say that watching a video about a specific product is helpful in the buying-decision process. And consider the well-known quote from Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey: “One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.” 

SplashBrandCam makes shooting BRANDED video walkarounds – staff profiles videos – how to videos – service videos – showrooms videos and customer review videos a piece of cake and automatically uploads them to your YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Facebook’s recent decision to throttle back organic business posts mean significantly less exposure for your brand. SplashBrandCam engages your customers on branded delivery photos, video or GIFs and makes it super easy for them to share as personal posts.

User Generated Content (UGC) is much more trusted than brand created content and customer reviews are critical to dealerships. Both are not easy to garner but SplashBrandCam takes the pain out of generating UGC and collecting lots of positive customer reviews.

Once the iPad app has been installed it is as simple as taking the photo/GIF/video then Save & Share. SpalshBrandCam will do the heavy lifting, automatically sending deep Facebook and Google/Facebook review links to your customer(s) so they can share their new car, and your dealership, with friends and family. They can also leave reviews with a single click – no more searching for your review pages to leave a review. Make it easy and they will oblige!